Paulette Burnaccioni - Retired Teacher


Colleen has the qualities of a good teacher, she changes up her routine, always trying new techniques that she brings back from her courses. She is fun and knows how to adapt her lesson plan to suit our individual health issues.


I have been practicing yoga for over 2 years and have benefited from being part of a good community.

Susan Baldry- Retired Teacher


As a result of practicing yoga, I am much more flexible and my balance is greatly improving.


Colleen has given me specific exercises for my shoulder and knee injuries which has alleviated pain. Yoga has helped my knee because the muscles are now stronger.


I enjoy the mediation component which helps to calm me down if i am feeling hyper or on edge.

Patrick Collins - Retired GM


I am 75, arthritic and have had major foot surgery. I have been going to Colleen's Restorative class for three years but just switched to the Men's Chair Yoga. I have also been to her for Yoga Therapy. Yoga keeps me flexible and mobile. 

Colleen has been extremely helpful with dietary advice and I have made many improvements to my diet and feel much better because of those changes. 


My teacher is very kind and well informed in regards to health and wellness.

Lil Lafferty - Retired Medical Secretary 


I find the practice of yoga relaxing, gentle and fun. The stretching and breathing is mainly what I focus on. This is my “third experience” in my lifetime and I am enjoying it. Colleen helped me develop my morning exercise plan. Before I get out of bed, I do the abdominal breathing; the stretching of the arms and legs and the toe wriggling and pointing of the toes; plus back and neck stretches and eye exercises where you focus on the wall meeting the ceiling. I find all of this starts my day off just great. Yoga helps my shortness of breath, thus helping me to be less tense and stressful.


One more thing- I find that regarding the knees, that the pulling up of the knee caps and massaging the knees is helpful, to especially the right knee, which at times there’s a small bit of discomfort.

Denise Chuchman - Retired Nurse


I have a busy life and I find that I question if I really want to go out and do my daily activities and yet with chair yoga there is never a hesitation about going! I am disappointed when I can’t go!


I find Colleen very aware of our individual needs: for example, I don’t have great knees and Colleen makes appropriate adjustments for such. She is very perceptive and responsive to our individual needs. Colleen is a very compassionate person.


As a nurse I believe that yoga is very good for your overall well being including your physical and mental health. Yoga has been good for my mind and body.

Shirley Densham - Retired Nurse


Colleen is very understanding, patient and brings out the best of the class.

I have arthritis, osteopenia and am a cancer survivor. Yoga keeps me more flexible and my joints are better as a result of yoga.