Short Restorative Practice

This class gives you a chest opener, hip opener, back bend, side bend, gentle flexion of the spine, forward fold, twist, elevated legs and savasana. It can be done in 30 minutes or easily extended to an hour, depending on what you have time for. By all means just do a couple of the poses if that is all you have time for. We don't all have yoga props in our homes but there are plenty of items around the house that make for good substitutions; pillows, blankets, towels, shoe box in lieu of block between the leg, bags of legumes instead of sandbags, books even.

The first two poses can be held for at least 5 - 10 minutes and then counter the second pose with windshield wiper legs a few times, the side bend for a minute each side, supported cobra for 2 minutes as long as your back does not start to complain, the sphinx pose for 30 seconds to a a minute or skip if it is too much of a backbend for you, slowly come back into child's pose and hold up to 5 minutes provided your feet don't start to tingle (placing a rolled towel beneath the ankle/top of foot can prevent that), gradually transition up for supported wide legged forward fold and hold for 1 - 2 minutes, the twist for 1 -2 minutes each side, legs on the chair 5 - 10 minutes, savasana 10 - 20 minutes accompanied by a guided meditation. A site I like for free downloadable meditations and body scans:

A lovely piece of music to play during your practice is "Weightless" which is considered the most relaxing music available.