Another Successful Retreat

You know when you are doing what you love when it never seems like work and I just love running these retreats. I was so fortunate again this year to host such lovely women and show them what we have to offer here on the islands and share my passion of Yoga with them. Three of the ladies came from Ontario and the fourth from New York. They were hard pressed to choose their favourite, but whale watching is surely a big hit. One of the ladies went for a walk down my side street (Lovers Lane) and was doing face time with her husband when all of a sudden a whale did a full breach that both she and her husband in Ontario got to witness. How unbelievable it that! It only rained on Saturday for a bit but we still managed to head out and tour the Digby Neck, Sandy Cove and Trout Cove. Sunday was a guided tour of the Bay of Fundy mud flats with Roger Outhouse and Monday a Jewelry workshop with Monica Stark. Something new this year and we talked about it the rest of the week because she was a big hit, I had Kadijah Photiades come and drum and sing during the evening restorative class. This was a beautiful experience and something that will be a part of future retreats if she's able to. Tuesday I took them for a hike to Seal Cove and we ate a bagged lunch at Pond Cove before heading to do some whale watching with Penny Graham of Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours. We managed to fit a little time into visiting the gift shop as well.

Wednesday was busy with a hike of Fundy View Trail up to the viewing platform, overlooking the Bay of Fundy. This is where we did our yoga practice, and yes, we saw whales during the practice! After breakfast we did a hike to Dartmouth Point and later had dinner at the Captain's Daughter. We ended with a walking meditation down Lovers Lane and Shep, Christine's horse, got pretty worked up again this year. I don't think he can figure out what on earth all these women are doing walking so slowly and quietly past him and not paying any attention to him. He did the same thing this year as he did last, running around in circles and stomping his feet. The ladies left Thursday morning after a hearty breakfast made by our fabulous cook, Katherine Feiel. It is always a little sad to see them go. I am already looking forward to doing again next year.