42 days to go...

Hi again, things are moving along so quickly now. I am finished teaching at Brock-Niagara Centre for Health & Well-Being. Scott Stevens from the Centre, along with my students, put on an amazing luncheon after the final class. I was so touched by all the kind words about their yoga experience with me as a teacher and also their prayers for my future endeavours with the retreats. They raised a fist full of money for me and I have already got it spent on 2 pairs of Hunter Rubber boots which will last me for the rest of my days and be a necessary accessory for life in the Maritimes. I will sorely miss these people and look forward to seeing some of them attend my retreats this year and in years to come. Bring 5 people and the fifth person is half price! For the next six weeks I will be subbing for Cheryl at the Yoga Centre of Niagara while she is on vacation. My time with Hospice Niagara also ended this week which was difficult because I have been seeing the same client for almost five years. I was treated to two terrific lunches out this week and there are a few more planned for the next few weeks. I do love to eat out!

The thought of trying to find what I wanted in beds, bedding and all the various household things for the retreat in Digby and other nearby towns (closest is 1 1/2 hour drive and the next nearest is about 2 1/2 hours or Halifax is 3 1/2) prompted me to buy here and have them shipped with my belongings because shipping there isn't straightforward. I got most of the bedding online and bought the beds yesterday at half price. absolutely thrilled!!

I also joined the Digby Area Tourism Association and have put my name into their guide. The article introducing myself to Freeport went into "Passages" both last month and this month. My flight is booked and my sweet sister Carol offered to come with me to help me get settled in. We will spend the night in Halifax and leave the next morning for Bridgewater. Oh- I also bought a new car (another Impreza) from O'Regan's Subaru in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. I am leaving my old subaru behind for my son Jordan because it isn't worth shipping and I would not be comfortable driving by myself all that distance. There should be a couple more good years in it for him. O'Regan's salesman is going to come and pick me up in Halifax and drive me to the dealership to pick up my car, just like the commercial . This is an hour and a half away but also half the distance to my lawyer in Annapolis Royal. We will head there to sign the papers and pick up the keys then it's homeward bound to Freeport another hour and half away!!

The week of August 25 to the 31 is completely booked!! A list is started for the September retreat. Hoot hoot!!! We are happening folks.