Ladies Private Educational Restoration Retreat

Want to change the way you feel and make healthier lifestyle choices but don't know where to start?  Need to get away from it all and just focus on yourself in a beautiful peaceful and relaxing location with the ocean a five-minute walk away?  This is a five day, four-night retreat just for you, don't worry about anything other than your flight; you will be picked up at the airport and brought to the retreat to be guided and nurtured in a one on one basis.  


You will learn how to make some positive changes in your diet and we will make some raw foods such as crackers, muesli, granola, sauces for raw vegetable noodles, raw desserts, nut milk, fermented veggies, sourdough bread and you will learn about juicing.  


Diet for the week will be healthy and nutritious with an emphasis on raw vegetarian cuisine and fish if you like it.


Discuss adding new healthy self-nurturing habits into your daily routines


Receive a yoga therapy assessment and classes designed based on what you need.


Daily meditation and yoga practice


Daily walk


Different body treatments each day:  Reflexology, Egyptian head & neck massage, Reiki, Relaxation massage with hot stones, Biomat session each evening before bedtime.


This is offered in June only for a five day, four-night stay, you get to choose which day you arrive.  An example would be to arrive Friday late afternoon/early evening and leave Tuesday morning checkout time 10:00 a.m... 


Cost of this exclusive (except flight) one on one retreat is $4200.00 and includes transportation to and from Halifax Airport, all meals, snacks, yoga therapy session, daily yoga, three body treatments, 4 bio-mat sessions and three tutorials. 


What you take home: raw foods you've created along with the recipes, personal body products for self-nurturing including a scented body oil for self-massage, body brush, tongue scraper & neti pot, a personally tailored yoga practice, a less stressed body, mind and soul and information on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Also, receive 12 one hour facetime sessions to discuss how you are utilizing what you learned during the retreat and ask any questions you might have.  Sessions must be taken during the 12 months immediately following the retreat.